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Men and women approach life differently and therefore experience it differently. The questions they ask, what importance they attach to them, and how they deal with the information provided during a reading is also very different.

Below is a list of questions, in order of frequency asked, by men and women. Jewels has found that knowing what others ask sometimes helps allow others to form their own perfect questions more easily.

Questions Most Frequently Asked by WOMEN:

What is the most important thing that I should be focusing on right now or that I should know right now?
How is my life overall?
How is my romantic life/ marriage?
Will I ever find true love or my soul mate in this life?
Will I get a divorce?
Is he cheating on me?
Tell me about the man I am seeing outside my marriage?
Will I be OK financially if I leave him?
Does he truly love me?
Is my partner my soul mate?
How is my family? ( kids, Mom, Dad, siblings )
How is the physical, emotional, mental health of each family member?
How can I help them?
What is in the future for my children?
Will my children grow up to be happy and healthy?
How is my health?
Is there anything I need to be concerned with right now?
How can I heal any current and future problems?
Can my current condition be treated?
Why am I so tired and depressed?
How is my career?
Will I be OK financially?
Am I on the right career path?
Does my work matter in the world?
Should I change jobs?
Can I speak with someone who has passed away?
Can I speak to_________? ( My Mom, Dad, Sister, friend, husband, pet etc )
Can you communicate with my pet and tell me what they are feeling?
Are they in good health?
Would they mind if we added a new pet into the family?
Are they happy?
Do they love me and my family?
Can you tell me about my “Angels” or “Spirit Guides”?
Can you tell me about my past lives?

Questions Most Frequently Asked by MEN:

How is my career going?
Am I going to make a change in my career?
Am I going to be fired or let go?
Will I be promoted?
Will I get a raise?
Will I have enough money to retire well?
Am I in the correct field for my talents?
How will _______ (fill in the name of a co-worker here) impact my job or position?
How is my health?
What will I die of?
Do I have a fatal disease now?
Can my current condition be treated and how?
When will I die? (this is not generally a question that can be answered with any kind of accuracy, but men tend to ask it quite a bit)
How is my romantic life?
Tell me about ____________? ( fill in any name you like )
Is my wife/girlfriend cheating on me?
Will I get a divorce?
Will she leave me?
Tell me about the woman I am seeing outside my marriage?
Will this divorce ruin me financially?
How does my wife/girl friend feel about me?
How is my family ( kids, Mom, Dad, siblings ) in general?

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