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A psychic reading with Jewels is like a casual conversation with the Angels. You ask the questions and the Angels, through Jewels, respond. While taking no credit for the content of the information revealed, Jewels lovingly provides the insight from Heaven that is most needed by the person making the inquiry.

People who have had psychic readings or past life readings with Jewels say they feel like they have just made a new best friend! They speak of the energy of love and healing that is felt during the reading that is far beyond the words that are spoken.

“I felt a peacefulness wash over me during my reading that was like nothing I had ever experienced before. I didn’t want it to end.”
Tom S.

Psychic readings, tarot card readings, past life readings, and pet readings can be done on the phone or via email. The accuracy and energy of the reading does not change regardless of the manner in which the reading takes place.

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