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Jewels provides readings to help answer life’s most pressing questions. In addition to communicating this kind of information she is also able to offer the services listed below.


Many times people will discover that in addition to the verbal information given through Jewels there is also healing that takes place. After a reading clients have frequently commented on the deep sense of peace that they have experienced during the session. An energy that some describe as a “loving and healing touch” can also accompany the reading. While Jewels does not consider herself to be a healer, she does acknowledge that the energy that is present during a reading does have the capacity to heal the heart, the soul and the body. If there is a need of such healing by the client, it can sometimes manifest within the energy of their reading. Jewels does not summon such energy or create such a sense of peacefulness and love on demand, it is simply part of the gift that is present as the information from Heaven flows through her.


Past life information is available for those who wish to know more about who they have been in times past. Typically, Jewels will receive vivid impressions of 6-7 lifetimes. These tend to be the lifetimes that are most directly connected with the client’s current lifetime.


For those wishing to know more about what their pet is thinking and feeling, Jewels is able to connect directly with animals of all kinds, living or departed. She is able to access current health conditions as well as emotional status. She has been able help locate lost or temporarily confused pets to help them find their way home. Pets and animals generally speak to Jewels through the use of images and emotions.

Jewels then works to translate the information into words:

“The true blessing about communicating with pets and animals is the overwhelming experience of love that is ever present during such a connection. It never fails to amaze me.”



Serving as a conduit to loved ones who have departed this plane of existence is a service that Jewels is honored to provide. All she asks is for a first name of the departed and the communication between Heaven and Earth opens. Images and emotions flow through Jewels to be interpreted and spoken to those who are looking for the reassurance that their beloved one lives on. This is a sacred communication that brings joy and peace to those still on the planet.


All human beings have Spirit Guides and Angels who accompany them on their earthly journey. Some have additional guides who appear in animal form that are commonly known as animal totem guides. These guides and angels communicate directly through Jewels and give loving and enlightening information to those they walk with.


Every living thing is surrounded by an electro-magnetic field. This field is commonly referred to as an Aura. The human aura fluctuates to match the current health and well being of the body it surrounds. It responds to changes in the emotional and mental state of each individual. It expands and contracts, it flows and changes in tone and color. It is a dynamic force and the source of information about the individual’s current state of being. An Aura reading can reveal much about who a person is, what their strengths and talents are as well as the overall health of their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

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