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What to Expect from a Medium

Mediums are different from psychics in that they have the ability to connect with departed souls/spirits who exist in other dimensions (sometimes called Heaven). They can feel, see, hear and/or sense the emotions, voices or mental images of beings who reside in these other dimensions. A medium has the ability to become a portal of sorts and connect to the higher frequency where departed souls/spirits vibrate. Many times psychics are also mediums, but this is not always the case as mediums possess a finely honed set of skills that a psychic may not possess. Most mediums work in a fully conscious state, which is how I work. When I connect to a departed soul/spirit, I become clairsentience and clairvoyant which means I receive powerful emotions from the departed soul/spirit as well as receiving visions in my mind’s eye of colors, people, symbols, places, and situations. When mediums connect with those who have passed over, they cannot force the departed souls/spirits to communicate, answer questions, or reveal specific information. They can only ask that spiritual energy to come forward and communicate in whatever fashion they wish. What can almost always be felt however is the love that radiates from these departed souls/spirits. This love is a powerful form of communication and can be felt by the medium as well as the person requesting the connection. Most departed souls/spirits will reveal information that identifies them as the correct individual to the person requesting to connect with them, but they are not so good about answering specific questions or giving promised coded information known only by the human asking the questions and the departed soul. It would be much easier on mediums if this kind of information was passed along regularly, but it is not. The reason may be that in the physical transition process from earth to heaven the consciousness also transitions and some physical memories are lost or altered. There is no proof for this of course, but only a hypothesis. As a medium I am honored and humbled to connect with the energy of souls/spirits who have departed the earthly plane. One of my greatest joys is to bring through information from departed loved ones and experience the loving energy each connection brings with it.

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