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How to make the Choice to BE happy

May this information help bring light, love and inspiration to your life.

I feel alive today because today is blessed. In this moment I can find misery or meaning, boredom or motivation. I can expand the hatred in the world, or I can amplify love. In all the chaos I can find stillness and joy within. All is well and nothing has to happen to “give” me more happiness in life. I simply choose to be happy now, to be grateful now, to be a source of love and light for others. I am whole. I am ready. This is my day. ~Brendon Burchard

Every moment of every day we make choices. We chose what clothes to wear, what food to eat, whether to go to work or stay in bed. And yes, in every moment of every day we have the power to chose who we are and how we feel. Its not always an easy task, especially when the choice to feel happy and loving has to be made when circumstances indicate that our world is collapsing around us. This is why real peace, true love and lasting joy can never be attained by looking for them outside of ourselves, but only by looking within and making the choice to BE the peace, love and joy we seek.

As always, if you have questions you’d like to ask via your own personal reading, simply call or email. My contact information is below.

Be well,


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