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How to Become a Psychic Medium Blog: Raising Your Awareness

Raising ones awareness is part intention, part practice, and part belief.

Upon waking each morning, make an effort to lie still for a few minutes with your eyes closed. Take notice of any sounds, smells, or sensations before you open your eyes and become fully awake for the day. If you make this a practice upon rising each day, after a period of time, you will begin to notice a new heightened state of awareness and an increase in your intuition.

Speaking your intention out loud each day to raise your awareness will also bring about a change in your level of awareness. When the body actually “hears” the intention given verbally, it responds by calling each cell into action to bring about the requested effect. Saying something like the following will allow all the cells of the body to help in the raising of personal awareness and so the heightening of psychic and intuitive awareness: “Today, I instruct my cellular structure to vibrate to my intent and direction. My intention is to raise my personal, psychic and intuitive awareness. And So It Is.”

Journaling thoughts that seem to come out of nowhere can be a powerful practice when working to raise psychic and intuitive awareness. After a time, when you read the notes you have taken, you may notice that patterns have emerged. Thoughts that previously seemed completely random and unconnected begin to form themes and/or recognizable ideas. These thoughts are actually a process for bringing through information from the universal consciousness into the individual consciousness so that it may benefit that individual.

These are three powerful steps that will help you raise your personal, psychic, and intuitive awareness. Once you have deepened your level of awareness you will be able to identify psychic information and use it on a more conscious level of existence. In my next blog we will discuss discovering what method of psychic communication is your strong suit.

Until then, Be well,


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