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Ghosts and Other Apparitions

Are there really ghosts that walk the planet? Can psychic mediums and people who are intuitive see or feel them? Can anyone see them?

There are entities (also sometimes referred to as “energies”) that can be seen and experienced on the planet. These energies are many times called ghosts. Though these entities are not in the same dimension or “time zone” as those who perceive them, they look like they are sharing our dimension and our world. When people see soldiers marching through battlefields in uniforms from the Civil War they think they are seeing ghosts…..what they are in fact seeing is a tear in the interdimensional fabric of time. This tear allows people in the current moment to see an event that took place in the past at that particular location. On other occasions, spiritual apparitions o energies actually seem to interact with our world. They light candles, make noise, move items across a tabletop, tip over chairs. These may seem like they are in some way engaging our world, but the behaviors are viewed very differently from the perspective of the entities who are making themselves known in our dimension. This can be annoying, frightening, inconvenient, disturbing or even exciting depending on the level of activity.

A “haunting” is very often simply a situation where residual energy from the past has been left in a specific location. It can appear to have purpose and even seem to interact directly with the person witnessing this energy. This is in large part due to the o