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Experiences of a Psychic Medium

As explained in my previous post, my clients use my psychic skills for clarity about life direction, health issues, relationship questions, and more. If they want to connect with someone who has passed on, I switch into medium mode (and yes, I can do both in the same session. It’s just like unplugging one appliance and plugging in another).

Here are a few of my favorite mediumship experiences:

Five Cups

A man who lost his wife in tragic circumstances contacted me by email to set up an appointment. As I was responding to schedule the appointment, I started getting information. This is unusual, and I was concerned that the info was so wacky it would put him off. But the energy was so strong that I followed it, and wrote to him, I have to tell you I’m seeing five cups, four that are identical and one that’s different. There is a huge emotional attachment. What the heck is that?

He wrote back, “The kids and I had a ceremony when we got her ashes. We put her ashes in five cups, four of them were her favorite china matching teacups, complete with saucers. The fifth was her favorite coffee mug.

Extremely Remote Connection

A client of mine had a coworker who had lost his wife. She suggested that he talk to me. He didn’t want to, but asked if she could contact me on his behalf. Keep in mind this was all done by email.

So, she sent me an email that basically said, “My coworker is wondering how his wife is. And for him to believe you, you’ll have to bring through something really unique that could only be connected with her.

While you can’t force a spirit to tell you anything other than what they want to tell you, I hoped that something unique enough would come through to satisfy this man’s need for proof

The first impression I got was that she felt wonderful, happy, was not in pain, and was in a good place.

That is when the unique information started coming in. I saw a piece of black licorice candy. Along with this vision I felt overwhelming love for this candy! What an odd way to feel about black licorice. I didn’t receive any more information than that and figured when I emailed this information to the husband he would either understand it immediately or think I was a lunatic.

I sent the email off to my client and she forwarded it to her colleague, who read it and started to cry. It turns out that Black Licorice was their black cat, whom she loved more than just about anything in the world. Black Licorice had died two days before the man’s wife died.

Sunny Says Hello

One morning when I was scheduled for a phone appointment with a new client, I felt a very strong message coming through. I had to stop and say, “Wait. Who is this for?” I heard the client’s first name, so I got a pen and got ready to write. The message was, “Sunny says hello.” As with most of these messages, it made no sense to me especially since the message was being delivered by my late Golden Retriever, Bear. But I wrote it down anyway. Later that day, before the client and I got started, I told her, “I have to give you this message that came to me this morning, and I have no idea if it will make any sense at all: Sunny says hello.”

She started to cry. Sunny was her golden retriever who had recently passed away. The joy and relief she felt knowing that her dog was still around and still loved her was immense.

I love my work!

Be well,


Psychic Medium


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