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Releasing Dark or Negative Energy

One of the questions I get asked most often as a psychic medium and paranormal researcher is, “How do I get rid of anything/anyone negative that is around me, my family or in my environment?” Some people refer to this kind of thing as a “House Cleansing”, “House Clearing” or “Personal Clearing”. As a result of the new energy that the earth sits in at this time, there is a new and very effective way to accomplish this without calling upon the services of a priest, clergy, holy people or shamans. We are now ALL empowered to clear our own personal space and that of our homes. It is as simple as making the following statement out loud and with authority in any room or in any situation where you feel there is negative energy that needs to be released back into the universe:

In the Name of Spirit/God/Goddess, I do now command any energies, entities or beings who are NOT here for my highest good or

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