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Personal Transition in 2014


As many people will tell you, 2013 was a year of change and challenging transitions. Clients and friends came to me with conversations about health problems, changes in relationships including surprising breakups, separation and divorce, job changes, loss of income, loss of enthusiasm and interest in life, and even sudden death. It certainly didn’t feel like the “new beginning” I had been told was coming after 12/21/2012. And yet, it WAS and IS the beginning of a time where lives and relationships will be transformed. It certainly hasn’t been all flowers and fairy tales, but it has been what was needed to move everything into place so that we could each step into our new power. That certainly sounds WONDERFUL doesn’t it? Then why are people still feeling uncomfortable, fearful, anxious and depressed. And when will this step into power happen???? Whats next????

The year 2014 will continue to have challenges globally, nationally and personally. However, the challenges will be less dramatic overall and we will find that we are coping better with those challenges. The truth is, we are in the process of recalibrating, of raising our personal vibration, which in turn raises that of our community and the world. Nope, its not easy and its not painless. Change never is for human beings. Yet this year will be more positive and less challenge ridden than the last. Thank goodness!!!!

So what does this mean for the individual? It means that we will each be pushed to let go of situations, relationships, jobs, and/or home locations that no longer serve our highest good. We will be pushed hard and sometimes it will feel like our lives are out of our control. Maybe our partner wants out of a long term relationship and we aren’t ready to leave. Maybe we fear leaving our job so much that we refuse to leave, even though we know it’s really time to find another. Maybe our health becomes difficult to manage and we find ourselves sick and out of balance. All these situations will push us to make changes and to let go of what or whom no longer is a fit for us.This in turn allows us to then move forward to find that person, place, situation and/or career path that will be a better fit and where we will be happier, more relaxed, healthier and of higher service to ourselves and others. Look at your life: Are there areas that you KNOW need to change or that ARE changing even though you aren’t ready for them to change? These are the changes that are appropriate for you to make, even though they can be challenging, frightening and even heartbreaking. And those who chose NOT to move forward and make the needed changes will find themselves unhappy, depressed, unhealthy and leaving the planet sooner than expected.

The good news is that many have already started to make these changes and may have even completed them. Some people have only a few rather painless changes left to make. And some only had a few to begin with! It all depends on who you are, what your life path is and how hard you fight against the changes that need to be made. For those of you who are parents of children under the age of 25….Good News!!! Your children (for the most part) will move through this time with greater ease than older generations. Yes, I know……it may not seem that way at the moment…..but they arrived on the planet more evolved and better equipped to manage this time than those who are older.

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