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How Thought Creates Reality

Thought, followed by action, creates all reality. Changing thought changes action and reality must therefore change as well. ~ Jewels

Our thoughts create our reality. Not a new concept and sometimes a challenging one to manage. The good news is that the energy on the planet is now making it easier than ever to manifest the world we want, starting with a single thought.

So how do we then control our thoughts and direct our actions so to create the reality we wish to experience? Try the three steps below for a few days/weeks and see what happens:

1. Examine your thoughts for a day or two and see exactly what it is that you think about. If many of your thoughts come from a place of fear (example: I will never have enough money to pay my bills) than this is what will continue to show up as your reality. If the thoughts directing your actions are mostly positive (example: I always have enough money to pay my bills) than even if that is not your current reality, it soon will be.