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Where does psychic information come from?

Many people ask me, “Jewels, where does the information you give to others in a psychic reading come from?” That’s a very good question and not an easy one to answer. Some Psychic Mediums will say that it comes through their own intuitive senses. Some will say it comes from the Universal Consciousness or the Mind of God. Mediums may tell you that the information comes from those who have passed to the other side and reside in Heaven. Those who use tarot cards to bring through information may say that it is divination of the cards themselves that reveal the needed information. From the perspective of this psychic medium, all these answers are correct, but none is complete. No matter what tool or method an medium, psychic, intuitive or tarot card reader may employee, the information all comes from the same basic source, the heart and mind of Spirit. Whether you call it the Universal Consciousness, God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, Great Spirit, Christed Energy or your own Higher Self, it all has the same source…..the heart and mind of Spirit.

Be well,


Psychic Medium Intuitive Tarot Card Reader

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