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How to Become a Psychic Medium Blog Series

This is a very common question…How can I become a psychic medium? Truth is, we are all psychic mediums and intuitive to some extent. It is how humans are wired. People born after 1975 in particular are intuitively gifted and wired to be able to communicate with other dimensions, but people at any age or stage in life have the capacity to open up their psychic abilities.

But how to tap into this wiring and get it to work for us is the question. While some people are born as full functioning psychics and mediums, most are not. What I hope to do is to give informational steps on how to open up to your own innate psychic abilities in a series of blogs. This is the first of that series.

The first step is to start to sense your own intuitive connection to God/Spirit/Universal Consciousness. Some people also refer to this as our Higher Self, Angels, Guides or Spiritual Energy. It really doesn’t matter what you label it, it is all part of the same loving source and that is the important thing to understand. There are numerous methods to accomplish this and the one that I find most effective is meditation and/or prayer. You don’t have to spend hours in deep meditation or prayer, just a few minutes each day will start to open the connection to where you can really start to feel it. It is s relatively easy process:

Find a comfortable, quiet location. Relax as completely as you can. Close your eyes and really sink into a relaxed state. Now let your mind go….let it wander as thoughts move through, and then out, of your consciousness. Don’t force any thoughts or focus on anything, just let your thoughts come and go until your mind is relatively still. Allow yourself to just BE in this state. Don’t judge it, don’t rush it, don’t think about it. Just BE present. It won’t take long until you begin to feel (not think, but FEEL) a sense of deep connection to something that is loving, peaceful and intelligent. In that moment, you will be in a deeply connected state with the Universal Consciousness/God/Spirit also called your Higher Self. Allow for whatever information and/or emotion that wishes to come into your heart/mind consciousness to come in. Trust it. It is being given for your highest good and never to frighten or judge. Just absorb the feelings and the information. You will remember it when you return to you full waking state of consciousness. Stay in this state as long as you like. And when it is time to get on with your day, you gently shift your consciousness as you do when awaking from sleep.

Practice this once a day or more until you can quickly and easily move into your connection with Universal Consciousness/Spirit whether you are in a meditative state or a fully conscious one. It could take a few days or a few months depending on where your own personal journey takes you. Be patience and don’t worry about how long it takes. It will happen with practice.

So this is the first step to opening to your own psychic medium and intuitive abilities. The next step, raising your awareness, will be covered in my next blog.

Until then, Be well,


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